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I am an Oundle (Peterborough) based Senior HR & Recruitment professional, CIPD qualified and with an MSc in Human Resources Management.

I am seeking to draw on my experience and provide a HR and Recruitment service to small and medium sized business locally. I am looking to work with those business who have no formal or established HR function and help them put in place those essential ‘people processes and systems’ that will help sustain and grow their businesses.

Please contact me on 07777 660656 or at to discuss your ongoing HR and Recruitment needs.

How Can I Help?

Core HR Administration & Support:

Core HR Administration & Support:

There are formal obligations that all small businesses have with respect to their employee base.

Having the right policies and procedures in place – backed up by the appropriate documentation provides the foundations that will define the relationship between you and your employees.

I can work with you to create documents that fit your organisation and give clarity to what is expected throughout the employment relationship.

This can be done by:

  • Reviewing your existing documentation and recommending amendments as appropriate, or by
  • Working with you to create those essential people policies and procedures along with all supporting documentation.

Examples of the kind of documentation you may need within your business include:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Statement of Main Terms of Employment
  • Company Handbook
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Policies and procedures (including but not limited to: Disciplinary, Grievance, Absence Management, Capability Management, Performance Management, Equal Opportunities, Flexible Working, Maternity & Paternity …..)
  • Template letters and supporting documentation (including but not limited to: Recruitment, Changes to Terms & Conditions of Employment, Disciplinaries & Grievances, Compromise Agreements …..)

Where necessary, I can also assist you in managing the process of changing terms and conditions of employment or bringing in new policies.

Specific help in these instances could include:

  • Drafting or managing the employee communication
  • Direct employee meetings or collective discussions
  • Consultation concerning changes to conditions of employment
  • Managing the process of embedding the change to conditions of employment

Support with Disciplinaries & Grievances:

Support with Disciplinaries & Grievances:

There may be occasions when you need to consider invoking either a disciplinary of grievance process with regards the management of your staff / employee base.

The processes themselves can be both time consuming and costly to your business and if they aren’t managed properly can negatively impact morale and productivity.

Using my HR experience, I can support you throughout these processes by ensuing that they are fair, consistent and well managed and thereby reduce your commercial risk and exposure.

This can be done either directly by managing the process for you – or indirectly through the provision of direction and advice.

Specific support could include:

  • Undertaking the investigation on your behalf and providing a detailed report which will enable you to take actions as appropriate
  • Provide documentary support for your company – policy documents, template letters, keynote documents for your managers who are conducting meetings and case law updates
  • Run workshops and coaching for managers on conducting effective disciplinary meetings, managing performance reviews and handling grievances
  • Audit your existing disciplinary and grievance documentation and process
  • Case management of complex cases
  • Drafting of policy documents, provision of template letters and assistance with situations of exiting key staff.

Employment Law Services:

Employment Law Services:

Employment Law is changing all the time and keeping abreast what the changes mean for you as a business can be challenging.

By monitoring legislative changes and procedural amendments and providing support that is considerate of change, I can help your business understand, prepare and continue to operate in an ever-changing employment environment.

If necessary, I can carry out audits of all contractual documents and provide ongoing case advice in line with current legislation to help you with the management of your business.

Performance Management:

Performance Management:

Performance Management processes and systems can deliver successful results within your business by improving the performance and developing the capabilities of individuals and teams.

I can support your business by working with you to introducing clear & effective performance management processes that will better enable you to manage, coach and develop your employees. This could be for the purposes of probation reviews, annual appraisals or mid-year reviews, individual advancement or even the selection process for redundancies.

I have the experience and know how to assist you and your business in making better, well informed employee / people orientated decisions.

Services I can provide include:

  • Overseeing the introduction of a company-wide performance management system; including appraisal templates, support with objective setting, scheme operation and ongoing support and guidance for your managers and employees
  • Audit and report on your existing system of performance management and provide details of how it can be improved or modified.
  • Provide training for managers in workshops or presentations on how to conduct appraisals, measure performance and methods for giving out difficult messages.

Recruitment & Resourcing:

Recruitment & Resourcing:

To sustain and grow your business – it is imperative that you seek to find, attract and hire the best qualified candidates (from within or outside of your business) in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The recruitment process itself is often time consuming and as such there is an opportunity cost involved through conducting part or all the process yourself.

Our sister company specialises in bespoke recruiting and many of my HR clients find this a very useful add-on.

As a result, I can support you to help make the right decisions on key recruitment and resourcing issues within your business.

Services I provide include:

  • Provide advice and guidance on the recruitment and selection process
  • Manage the end-to-end recruitment process from the drafting of job descriptions and people specifications, generating a pool of candidates, shortlisting applicants, overseeing the interview and selection process and managing the offer, acceptance and onboarding processes.
  • Conduct interviews and/or assessment days as appropriate
  • Provide recruitment and interview training and workshops to support your hiring managers
  • Resource planning – scope your current and planned recruitment needs against business needs and objectives.
  • Review job descriptions, people specifications and supporting recruitment materials

Redundancy, TUPE & Outplacement:

Redundancy, TUPE & Outplacement:

There may be times within your business when you need to reduce headcount and take costs out of your business. This can be challenging from both a personal and procedural perspective.

Drawing on my previous HR experience, I can offer both insight and professional help with regards to potential redundancy and TUPE situations.

Adding independence to such challenging processes can reduce the personal nature of these decisions and ensure that the necessary procedures are adhered to as appropriate.

I can provide you with assistance through the planning and implementation phases as well as post-redundancy support for the business.

Services include:

  • Organisational forward planning – structures, headcount and costing
  • Advice and guidance on selection criteria for a fair redundancy process
  • Template letters – letters for staff, guidance notes for managers, employee F.A.Q. documents, redundancy process documents
  • Workshops with managers on how to handle redundancy meetings and managing interaction with staff during the process
  • Workshops with staff at risk on CV construction, interview preparation and securing new employment
  • Calculation of redundancy payments
  • Advice on obligations for redeployment
  • Helping you understand and manage risk

Development & Retention of Key Employees:

Development & Retention of Key Employees:

Having recruited the right individuals for your business – your focus should now be on how to get the best out of your employee base. Having a strategy regarding how to develop, manage and retain the talent within your business is essential to your continued success.

In the short term this may entail simply identifying those key individuals who are critical to your business and ensuring that you have plans in place to further develop them, offer them career advancement opportunities and ultimately keep them within your business.

As your business grows this could entail a broader focus on talent and succession management where you continually and systematically identify, develop, retain and deploy those individuals who are of key to your business either in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are fulfilling business critical roles.

Drawing on my HR experience I can support, advise and coach you with respect to the development and retention of key individuals within your business.

Services include:

  • Reviewing and auditing your existing processes and procedures
  • Facilitate and oversee the ‘Talent Management’ and/or ‘Succession Management’ processes across your business
  • Providing training and coaching to line managers with respect to Retention, Development, Talent and Succession Management and its supporting processes
  • Provide you with ‘Talent Management’ and ‘Succession Planning’ templates and models that would work for your business

About Bill Scott

About Bill Scott

My name is Bill Scott and I am an Oundle (Peterborough) based Senior HR & Recruitment professional, CIPD qualified and with an MSc in Human Resources Management.

I have over 25 years’ professional experience primarily operating within the field of Human Resources – and latterly within a Recruitment. I was fortunate enough to take on several HR Director and leadership roles within my HR career with both a UK and international remit. This enabled me to gain experience across a broad range of industry and organisational types

I am seeking to draw on my experience and provide an outsourced HR and Recruitment service to small and medium sized business locally. I am looking to work with and support those businesses who have no formal HR framework or infrastructure and help them put in place those essential ‘people processes and systems’ that will help sustain and grow their businesses.

Depending on needs, I would be more than happy to work with you on a retained HR support basis or to work on a less formal basis and come in and lead specific projects and initiatives on a one-off consultancy basis.

A bit about me ….. I meet my wife Tina when I was 21 and after a somewhat confusing sojourn from each other we finally married when I was 49. A long story with a happy ending albeit we had amassed 6 children between us in the interim and they are all very much at the centre of our lives.

Bizarrely I discovered the gym later in life and I am probably fitter now I’ve entered my 50’s (just) than at any point in my life though this is less to do with vanity and the need to exercise and relates more to being to clear my mind and help me focus on what’s important. I am avid sports fan and have allegiances to the mighty Arsenal and the not so mighty Portsmouth and Queen of the South. I’m also a big on cricket and golf and I’m an enthusiastic if limited surfer. I am widely acknowledged to be a very fine exponent of the art of barbequing and I’m not to shabby in the kitchen either – albeit chilli flakes are the core ingredient and I tend to build from there …….

I would welcome the opportunity to support you and your business with your HR and Recruitment needs.

Contact Bill Scott

Contact Bill Scott

If you have any HR or Recruitment needs that I can help with, then please get in touch for an initial, no obligation discussion:

T: 07777 660656